Hydraulic Screens, fixed grids self-propelled, hydraulic machines for the ecology and water purification.

The bar screen is an electromechanical device usually automatic used for removing debris accumulated against a grid. It is a necessary complement in the hydroelectric power station and is also used in water purification plants.
It is generally operated by hydraulic cylinders that move a stripper arm mounted on a hinged at one end. The comb that is a first time away from the grid and dropped in water up to end race, it later was approached grilled and raised just run along the same.

The hydraulic screens are made of a fixed part and a movable one. The fixed part, having an inclination of 15 degrees apeak, includes the bar section, the skid of the bar extension, the side-runners, the upper and lower joining-girders.

The movable part is composed of a steel trolley on which are assembled the rotating comb and the respective trolley shifting and rotating comb hydraulic systems. The rotation of the comb comes to an end by some hydraulic cylinders while the shifting of the comb-holder trolley is achieved by another hydraulic cylinder which is flanged on the upper girder of the machine.

It is very important to point out that inside of the machine there isnít any kind of electrical equipment or electromechanical equipment, which makes it possible a safer installation especially in humid environments running a flooding danger or in explosion-risk areas. All the hydraulic operations inside of the machine are regulated by a hydraulic power plant staying apart from the machine and laying down everywhere. Inside of the power plant (as a standard fitting) we assemble an electric panel which is used for the control and the inspection of the screen. The electrical cables of the hydraulic power plant are protected by some oil-less sheathings. The power plant is provided with a branch-circuit box and a terminal board when the electric panel is discorporate from the power plant. The machine works making breaks which can be anyway tuned up. During the break the trolley always stops at the top of the machine. In case of stress or difficulties during the working the trolley automatically reverses. The machine is furnished with CE mark and it can be supplied with different optional fittings.

The company AMG PLANTS Srl is on the market since 1980 and it deals with the design, implementation, installation and maintenance of this type of hydraulic machines that are mounted in industrial water plants. The AMG PLANTS firm also designs and manufactures automatic hydraulic grids, compactors, sluice gates, roller gates, tail gates, head gates, hydraulic actuators, paratoie washing tanks first rain, settlement tanks lamellar, ispessitori steel, pumping stations with laying pipes, fitting oxygenators, design and fabrication to assembly sector purification.

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